Room Color Ideas

Room Color Ideas : Your workout area is another area that you can use color to your advantage. If possible you would want to paint the walls with a hot color to stimulate your workout. Red is a great color but may be too intense for a nice balance if you are paint a room in your house. Yellow and bright orange can have the same workout effect and be a little more acceptable.The usual black and dark color of the workout equipment will balance the color so that you get the workout benefit but still have a nice look home.

Choose one or two color for the wall that will compliment the boy bedding set that you have chosen. The color may sound like a crazy way to paint a room in your house but they can actually look nice once you have your workout equipment in them. One color should be more neutral for the majority of the space. The second should be a deeper accent color. An example would be if you have a surf theme toddler boy bedding set, you could use a pale blue for the main area and a deep navy for the accent wall.

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