Carrie's TV Cabinet in Sex In the City II

A couple of people have contacted us about the TV cabinet/desk in Carrie and Big's apartment so we thought we'd tell you where you can get it.  It is designed by Thomas O'Brien for Hickory Chair and it's called the Hailings Secretary.  

To see more product specifications click here.

Carrie's Bed in Sex in The City II

Did you see Sex In the City II this past weekend? We thought it wasn't as bad as the reviews said it was... Seriously, don't you think the critics take this movie a bit too literally?  After all, the movie is all about the clothes and the fantasies...

Anyway, did you like the bed in Carrie's and Big's apartment? We do. And we know exactly where to get it too.

The bed is made by Vanguard Furniture and you can see it here (it is shown as tufted but it's an optional feature.  You can get it untufted plain as shown in the movie.  The nail heads can be changed to polished nickel  as well).

The fabric, which is what made the bed, is by Kravet Couture and it's called Velvet Gate, pattern number 29868.  Shown in the movie in black/white, it is also available in other colorways. The fabric is a linen/velvet combination. Very, very pretty in person.  You'd love it.

The fabric is priced at $149/yard but you can get it for $104/yard at the Kravet fabric section on our site. Enter the pattern number "29868" (the quotation marks is recommended for precise search) and you can see all the colorways available.

Gorgeous Beach Shell Chandelier from Currey

We're crazy about this new beach shell chandelier from Currey & Co. Isn't it marvelous? Can you see this with a white linen couch and white-washed floor? You'll need a very high ceiling though. This chandelier is huge!
The size is 37rd x 64h and the price is $5750 including shipping, a little expensive, perhaps, but oh it's so worth it.

This will be posted on our Currey Chandeliers section soon so please check back for more info.

Designers We Love

With the death of so many design magazines of late, we thought we'd share with you some of our favorite designers' web sites.  They are full of beautiful photographs and great ideas that you can steal :)

Note:  Click on link to go to the designer's web site.

Jan Showers-Soft, pretty designs.

Kelly Hoppen-simple, modern, luxurious designs.  Muted colors, simple lines.

Orla Collins: Modern, luxurious.  Simply divine.

Rabih Hage-Scrumptious, luxurious. Rich colors, modern lines.  Marvelous details.

Nini Andrade Silva- Zen, modern.  Ethnic.

Michael Reeves-Simply divine!  Mostly modern but some traditional too...

Let us know if you like this list and we'll make it a regular feature in our blog in the future.

Ultra Cool Barstool

We're digging this new barstool from Nuevo. Look at the base. Isn't it the coolest ever?

The barstool comes in black, brown and white leather. The base is made of solid stainless steel. It sells for $400/each.

Extraordinary Modern Loft Interior Design and Decorating Inspiration

Extraordinary Modern Loft Interior Design and Decorating Inspiration

Extraordinary Modern Loft Interior Design and Decorating Inspiration
Modern interior design has come into its own and promises to turn your home into a masterpiece of aesthetic beauty without sacrificing one moment of practicality or function. The interior design is done in modern contemporary style. Colors and shapes chose not only to be stylish but also cozy and practical. Lighting is also one of the factors to consider during the design phase. Lighting has been an essential component of interior design. A splendid lighting decoration must take into consideration of all occupant needs and their lifestyle, in order to satisfy three essential factors: people, construction and point of focus.
Extraordinary Modern Loft Interior Design and Decorating Inspiration

Love This Bed!

We are digging this bed from Noir Trading. It's so unusual, don't you think? Upholstered in burlap, It's available in queen, ca king & eastern king.
We don't have pricing info yet but  if you  need help with it info drop us a line.

Where Did You Get That? Green Nighstand

JWe were researching ideas for a client's baby room and came accross this picture from Elle Decor.

Image via Elle Decor

Don't you  love the fact that it's not all pink?  If you like the green nightstand, you can find them at Bungalow 5. In addition to green, it comes in pink, red, white, beige and black as well.  Produc specifications and pricing info can be found here.

Where Did You Get That? Geometric Wallpaper in 9 by Design

Do you watch 9 by Design on Bravo?  It's on Tuesday night and it's about a couple in New York with 6 or 7 kids and their design business.  They are self-taught designers making a living by fixing houses for other people and flipping houses themselves. 

Anyway, if you watch the show you'll see that the show's opening has a geometric wallpaper background that is also used in their living room (in purple!).

 If you like that pattern, you can find it at Cole & Sons Wallpaper.  It's called Hick's Hexagon and comes a few colorways.

To read more about Sixx Design, click here.

Where Did You Get That? Graphic Wallpaper

We saw this picture via Coco + Kelly today when were trying to do everything possible to procastinate working.  You see, when you run your own business there is no such thing as a day off! 

But we shouldn't complain.  We love, love working for ourselves.

Anway, if you like the wallpaper shown here (it's very bold and dramatic in person), you can find it at Cole & Sons wallpaper. The pattern number is 77/1102-CS and it comes in three colorways.

Beautiful Antique Reproductions from Eloquence Inc.

We don't see new vendors very often in the last few years. We imagine starting any new business, and especially home furnishing business, is tough. This is why we were so happy to see a new one that we really like at the High Point show -- Eloquence Inc.

Based out of Santa Monica, CA, this company makes antique reproductions that are really, really pretty. It's the kind of furniture that you want to have if you were living in, say, an Ialian villa or something. Although in Los Angeles, where we have many Spanish Mediteranean homes that were built in the 1920s, these would look amazing as well.

Here are some samples:

To see the complete line, visit the company's web site.

So pretty...

We saw this picture from Vanity Fair today and we just love it.  It's under the slide shows titled "Oscar Moms".  The picture is of a young Audrey Hepburn pushing a baby carriage (were baby carriages this big in the sixties?).

We also just finished watching a couple of episodes of  the "Real Housewives" series and thought about the contrast of how the women look there vs here.  Enough with the Botox, hair extensions, bad French manicures!

Doesn't Hepburn look so beautifully natural?

Image courtesy of Vanity Fair

Small Businesses Are People Too...

A friend of ours who runs a small drapery wrote us an email to vent about a particularly nasty client of his. The woman was referred to him by a friend.  She insisted on meeting early in the morning, so to get to her house at 10am in LA traffic, my friend has to leave his office at 8am.  He spent a couple of hours the night before picking out fabrics for her.  Once he got there, she proceeded to tell him that she only wants to have someone measure the windows for her so that she can buy the window treatment over the Internet.  Mind you, she wants to have the measurement done for free! 

Another friend of ours owns a restaurant in San Francisco.  We don't know if you know, but this is a particularly trying time for the restaurant business.  Our friend is struggling to survive.  At any rate, there was this group of four young guys.  They ordered a noodle dish and the dish had a tiny thread (that was used to tie the dry noodle together).  My friend apologized and made a new one.  When the check came, they demanded that the whole meal, including 2-3 bottles of wine, be comped!  My friend explained that that is not possible, but she would comp them for the appetizers.  They proceeded to stomp off and left the waitress no tip.  Then wrote a Yelp review about it.

One recent customer of ours ordered $4000 worth of merchandise, then proceeded to cancel/return/refuse 80% of them, leaving us with restocking fee, shipping fee and opened merchandise that we now have to salvage. 

Which leads us to the question, is common decency dead?  Do people feel that merchants exists to be abused and used?  Is common courtesy only goes one way-from the merchant to customers but not the other way around?

If a customer experiences bad service, and we have many times ourselves, there are many outlets they can vent to.

Yet if a merchant gets used/abused like this, all we can do is vent privately.    Yet the same customers will go elsewhere and repeat this deplorable attitute to other businesses.  Most small businesses that we know, especially retail/restaurants are working fingers to the bone to survive day to day.  Having this type of customers just kill us.

We wish sometime that people understand that businesses are people too.

PS We do have a lot of many good and amazing customers that we just love.   To them, we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Living Room Interior Design by Karim Rashid

Living Room Interior Design by Karim Rashid

Living Room Interior Design by Karim Rashid
Living Room Interior Design concept by Karim Rashid

One of the best creative Living Room Interior Design by Karim Rashid, colourful and alarming installations of the Milan architecture anniversary 2010. a amplitude that echoes the agenda techno-organic apple we alive in. Soft amoebic shapes realised through a morphic actual to actualize a animal active environment. evoking an another way of experiencing the home environment. A acute acceptable home with DuPont� Corian� by Karim Rashid. Every breadth of the home, from kitchen and bath to bedroom, garden and bouncing walls, has been realised by Karim Rahsid application this high-performance, avant-garde actual and anniversary breadth appearance specific solutions for added efficiency. Light, colour, arrangement and archness characterise the affable pod-like environment. Realised through of the artistic eyes of Karim Rashid and the accurate ability of DuPont, �Smart-ologic Corian� Living� offers ideas, concepts and solutions for the advancing �re-thinking� of architecture and technology in the active environment.

Living Room Interior Design by Karim Rashid
Living Room Interior Design by Karim RashidLiving Room Interior Design by Karim Rashid

The �Smart-ologic Corian� Living� activity gave me the befalling to architecture a modular holistic abode concept, a allegory for how materials, technologies, housing, accoutrement and amplitude can assignment calm to arm-twist an added faculty of experience, absolutely affect our anima and accompany us a bigger abreast life, while additionally enabling us to abate the ecology banner of our circadian decisions and actions, says Karim. Smart-ologic Corian� Active is a acute and acceptable home abstraction base the above versatility and animal qualities of DuPont� Corian�. The activity showcases the colour, array and ability of Corian�, including the new 2010 alternation with recycled content, additional proposes a �futuristic type� of Corian� fabricated with environmentally acceptable bio-based apparatus and with recycled material. Further avant-garde solutions from DuPont for abbreviating the ecology brand of barrio additionally affection in the design by KARIM RASHID

Design Modern Iconic Egg Chair

Design Modern Iconic Egg Chair room

God actualize first, Design Modern Iconic Egg Chair. Almost agnate to the Lobster Chair, this Arne Jacobsen�s armchair of the 1958 Egg Armchair was already fabricated its mark throughout the years. It�s been 52 years already and Fritz Hansen is ablution a bound copy Egg Armchair with a abundant covering upholstery installed in it. Here beneath we accord you how the acclaimed Egg Armchair has been adapted these days.

Design Modern Iconic Egg Chair room
Design Modern Iconic Egg Chair room
Modern Iconic Egg Chair Design

Just for all of us to bethink that the aboriginal iconic and common accepted Egg Armchair was advised by Danish Architect Arne Jacobsen in 1958. The Fritz Hanzen�s bound Egg Armchair are produced in 999 bound assemblage designs. The bound copy included amber amber suede on the aback and amber aphotic covering aloft the front. Beneath we accord you the account of the Egg Armchair transformation now canicule forth with the Fritz Hanzen�s Egg Chair.

Interior Design by Delpha : Ultra Stylish and Sleek Bathroom interior

Ultra Stylish and Sleek Bathroom interior
Ultra Stylish and Sleek Bathroom interior

It�s been like about Ultra Stylish and Sleek Bathroom interior a aeon that we�ve not acquaint you any bath autogenous design. It is the Delpha which brings such an ultra beautiful bath autogenous designs for you. It�s about as if you can abrasion it (fashionable). Some of the bath autogenous designs you see beneath accept awakening theme. Some are aloof a aggregate of affluence and baroque. Others are afflicted by the nature. It�s account the money to pay added if you accept one of these and it will absolutely charge an added maintenance.

Ultra Stylish and Sleek Bathroom interior

Looking at the architecture you�d apparently assumption this is for the aerial contour anecdotal people. Well, we�re not abiding about that, but what we are actual abiding of is that this won�t be cheap. I�m abiding you can see why it�s not cheap. The designs, colors, acceptable use of textures and materials, some of these autogenous are aloof absolutely a anchorage of luxury. Want to apperceive more? I�m abiding you apperceive area to go. design by Delpha

Interior tile design Color

Eco friendly interior design Color

interior design color in kitchen

Recently a friend of mine bought a house and asked my advice on what she should do with her kitchen since it didn't look all that hot. I was thrilled that she had asked my advice since this was something that I had already gone through once before with my own kitchen and one thing that I really loved doing. I got right to the point her and told her that the first thing she should do would be to choose suitable "kitchen colors", as I called them.