Room Color Design

Breakthroughs in science and experiments in weight loss are at a never before seen high. Modern technology is making strides in this area and it will only benefit us even more as time goes on. One area in which some startling discoveries have been made is in the affect that color can have on weight loss. The color in your gym or workout room and other areas of your life can help you if you just follow a few simple tips to switch up the colors you see on a daily basis.

Restaurants have long known that color and sound can affect your eating habits. They tend to use these things to add to how much you eat (and their bottom line) but you can use the same knowledge to have a different affect. Generally restaurants use red in their tablecloths and other hot colors in the room to influence you to be a more active eater. When possible you can do the opposite either at home or in your plates you take to work for lunch if you eat at your desk. A dark colored tablecloth or plate can help to diminish your appetite and prevent overeating.

Your workout area is another area that you can use color to your advantage. If possible you would want to paint the walls with a hot color to stimulate your workout. Red is a great color but may be too intense for a nice balance if you are painting a room in your house. Yellow and bright oranges can have the same workout effect and be a little more acceptable. The colors may sound like a crazy way to paint a room in your house but they can actually look nice once you have your workout equipment in them. The usual blacks and dark colors of the workout equipment will balance the color so that you get the workout benefit but still have a nice looking home.

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