Interior Paint Color

Too many people, when decorating, underestimate the importance of getting the color right. color has tremendous power if used correctly and, if applied without appropriate forethought, can kill any decorating scheme stone-dead. Professional decorators make full use of the range of colors to achieve a contrast or a color match that enhances any scheme they are promoting. A particularly valuable tool is the color wheel which gives you access to literally thousands of color combinations, many of which you might never think would go together. However, regardless of any professional's opinion, the first step to any decorating scheme is to choose the colors you like - after all, you're the one who has to live with the finished result.

A color wheel identifies color families that relate to each other. All colors result from the primary colors which are blue, yellow and red. All other colors are combinations of these basic colors: as an example, if you want brown, you simply mix all three of the primary colors together in equal quantities. To obtain the secondary colors of violet, green and orange, you mix equal quantities of two primary colors together: red and blue produces violet; blue and yellow produces green; and red and yellow produces orange. To obtain tertiary colors you need to mix a larger quantity of one primary color with a smaller amount of another primary color: a reddish-violet is obtained through one part blue with two parts red.

In every color there is a hue and a tone so, for instance, if you have a light blue and a dark blue, blue is the hue. The importance of tone when organizing a color scheme for your decorating project cannot be emphasized enough. Tone represents the reflective quality of the color and its actual density. There is a color scale, graduating from white to black and a saturation scale which relates to a color's boldness and purity. It is a well-known fact that color does affect mood. Warm shades give a feeling of strength and are considered to be cozy colors which radiate warmth in a room. Reds in different shades are now very popular colors for dining rooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

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