Home Color Design

The colors we use in our home reflect our individual personalities. Colors affect our everyday lives, and even if you�re color blind, the ambiance created by the colors around you can influence mood, productivity, health, and happiness. Many researchers have even assigned personality traits to each color, or to the people who chose them as favorites or who revile them as the least interesting colors of the spectrum.

At home, you want to be comfortable with your color choices and you want the home colors to reflect your personality. Are you a red or a peach person? Do you prefer violet or green? Check out the clothes in your closet, the posters on your wall, the pillows on the sofa, and the large pieces of furniture, as well as the walls, cupboards, and carpets that surround you.

Look around your home. Do you find the same color used repeatedly throughout? Does white or beige dominate with a few accent colors? What you do and think and feel about color also influences how comfortably and happily you�ll be at home and whether you�ll feel like relaxing and reading, sleeping, eating, talking, or working out on the exercise bike.

Choosing interior colors is not easy in today�s market. There are many paint manufacturers and thousands of colors. So, how do you start? Look at the room you want to paint. Is there a predominate fabric on the furniture? Or maybe a favorite piece of artwork. If so, go with shades of the predominate color.

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