Loving America

We haven't posted for a while.  Mainly because it has been raining dogs and cats here in LA.  We LA people are like cats, we don't like rain too much. We just stop functioning!  The other reason why we haven't posted is because we've been busy launching our new sites and going to the Vegas market.  We were so hoping we'd find great things in Vegas for you, but oh my God what a bore it was!  There was nothing new, nothing inspirational.

But more on that later...

We found something we just have to share with you today.  It has nothing to do with decorating really, but it's a blog with  some really good writing.   This blog is called "American In Short" and it is written by Tim Sullivan, the translator for Garance Dore (a very popular fashion blog).

The blog is about America--told through stories and pictures. 
Here is the description of the blog:

"Our stories are the most important. When I arrived in France, I found that the French knew the story of America to be Starbucks and McDonalds. There is more in there, in the States, a liberated spirit that was engrained during the Revolution, doubled by Jefferson, sung by Walt Whitman, kept together by Lincoln, built through dust bowls and depressions, breakthroughs and downfalls. It is a subtle spirit alive in diners and toll roads, in cheap coffee and giant redwoods. These are the stories of our wars, our peace, our land and our people. As I stepped foot on foreign soil, I missed these stories and saw how just engrained the American Spirit is within me.
So here are stories from the America I miss, the short stories in Jersey diners, short anecdotes about Truman�s favorite toilet, short recipes about turduckens and short explanations of why such things exist, and just general attempts to approach the beast that is American culture and history in whatever way seems necessary. And they�ll be short. Did I make that part clear? This is my America, the America I still see and the America I want so desperately to always exist."

Check it out. You'd love it!

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