Interior Colour Design

Many people are not fully conscious of how important colour is in their lives and both in interior design and buying clothes some people will opt for whatever current fashion trends dictate.

For interior design purposes going with the current colour trends could be a mistake and it could even affect your health.

I know that this sounds quite dramatic but without an appreciation of how certain colours make us feel, people can be convinced that the latest trendy shade of yellow will be gorgeous in their child�s bedroom.

With yellow your child is unlikely to have a good night�s sleep and over time this is not much fun or good for his health!

In this article I have described each colour and its qualities, followed by its complementary colour and its qualities. Additionally these qualities have been corresponded the chakra system which are the wheels of spinning energy some believe lie at certain points around our bodies.

Each colour also has a complementary colour, which on a colour wheel will be the colour that sits opposite to it. The complementary colour will make a striking effect when added to the same room, and depending on the structure and purpose of the room you can do this either quite subtly or add more to create a stronger look and feeling.

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