Carpet Colors Design

When choosing carpets, the colors that you are given to choose from often come in the various categories that carpet sales agents and stores show you. These categories are often classified as such to help you easily determine what kinds of carpet colors you can select since there are a huge number of shades to choose from. Here are the more popular color groups that carpets come in.

Light Carpet Colors.

These are the colors that help make rooms seem larger and airier. Included in the list of light carpet colors that most carpet stores sell are the ever popular beige and hard to keep clean white. The other colors that are included here are pastel, like lemon yellow and light blue. While these carpet colors can indeed make a room open up and appear bigger than it truly is, these carpet colors can easily show stains and dirt and can be somewhat hard to maintain.

Medium Carpet Colors.

Included in the medium carpet colors you can choose from are colors that are darker than the lighter shades we just mentioned but lighter than dark, solid colors. These may include colors like mocha, peach and other similar shades. These colors when it comes to carpets are good choices for areas that people pass through somewhat frequently. These colors are easier to maintain than their lighter counterparts and show a capability to hide dust, lint and dirt, which is why you do not need to clean it too often.

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