Bedroom Paint Colors

The bedroom is one room where you can truly express your own sense of colour and style. This is a place where you can let go and try new things as it is a private room. Personal taste is the order of the day and no one colour is best. Some will simply prefer soft and tranquil colours while others will go for rich, deep accent colours.

When designing our dream bedrooms we often think about style and furniture first. We want to create a theme and provide a consistent look. This can only be achieved by using paint colours that match our theme/style.
In this article we will explore different bedroom styles and suggest good matching paint colours.

Japanese Bedroom Designs
The Japanese approach to bedroom design is modern and minimalistic. They often use neutral paint colours such as white and cream and are offset by strong wood floor colours and furniture. The Japanese look can be great however it is often difficult to get right.

Ultra Modern Bedroom Design
Ultra modern bedrooms are the must have look for 2010 and are both minimalistic in nature and bold. Decorators can either use soft neutral whites or very strong pastel colours here. Grey aqua marine is often a popular paint colour here. These designs are often very ambitious and therefore meticulous planning must be done before beginning.

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