Launched auto-expanding compose boxes in Gmail for iPhone. This makes composing longer messages much easier since you're able to see more of the text you've typed. Just keep typing until you get near the bottom and then the compose box will magically expand by a few lines! As an added bonus, for all those iPhone users out there, auto-expanding compose boxes take away the need to press and hold to scroll with the magnifying glass.

OPEL ZAFIRA 2003 Autos workshop industry and everything about Opel Zafira 2003. Technical data, crankshaft, butt head, camshaft timing, cooling circuit, agent lubrication, overview of components, air ducting, charging, bankrupt system, pneumatically controlled systems, allegation burden control, air alter ascendancy in overrun, ACF system, crankcase breather. I am new to the whole Turbo design and function but I wanna go that route.