Tips on Home Earthquake Resistant ( TAHAN GEMPA )

The technology used was developed by various parties as a quick solution to build a house, usually made of simple construction with the structure of lightweight construction materials and cover a roof and walls are light. Buffer structure quickly build a simple house can be made from the framework of iron, wood, and bamboo. In principle, the draft can maintain rigidity of the structure and has the flexibility to move with the earthquake, and maintain the roof and walls of the cover in place with minimal damage.

Tips for arranging furniture and home accessories to keep them in place when the earthquake occurred (not broken or scattered everywhere): ( Rumah tahan Gempa )

1. Use the screws that can be used to attach objects such as cabinets, bookshelves and so on to the wall
2. Use the screws to put things like computer monitors, desk lamps and so forth in the table
3. Use the lock on the drawers so that when the earthquake did not come out and endanger the occupants
4. Ensure that the dependent objects, such as pendant lights, chandeliers, ceiling fans below, and so dependent and well embedded in a strong structure
5. Use safety security film or layer of glass to coat the glass windows and doors so that broken glass can be detained by this layer