Tool to help you do your own drapery treatment.

There are many mysteries in life--one of them is the cost of drapery. Seriously, can you believe how expensive it is? It's unfathomable to us how much one piece of fabric and four stitched sides can be so costly. But costly they are.

Aside from having a professional drapery workroom come to your house, measure and make the drapes to order, there isn't that many alternatives really. Sure, you can buy pre-made panels from Restoration Hardware or Z-Gallerie, but they usually end up looking like crap. And why? Because they never seem to fit. Either they are too long or too short or too wide etc..

We found Casa Fiora a long time ago when we were looking for an alternative to having custom-made drapes for budget reasons. We find that if you are looking for just simple styles, they are pretty good. We are writing about them now is because they now have a great tool for you to measure the draperies that you need. This, we feel, is one of the most important things you need to do. If not measured incorrectly, you can get the totally wrong size and end up throwing money away.

You can get the tool here. Again, we emphasize that this is best if you are looking for simple draperies styles. Complicated styles are best done by a professional workroom.

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